Integrating the results of its in-depth research with modern technology has paved the way for Dragon Taste Seafood Wholesale & Retail (DTS) to develop a complete marine aquacultured product of healthy and high nutritional value under the SeaNutri brand.

3E Principle of DTS

These 3E Principles are set as constant reminders to DTS to maintain strict quality and freshness control.


Experience in Marine Farming

Our fish are farmed in the open sea using the floating cage system. Using larger holding pens with lower density of fish allows fish to swim freely and grow healthy. In such optimal environment, consistent good quality is easier to achieve.


Expertise in Nutrition

Our fish are fed with patented fish feed, called ACG Omega Rich. Entirely natural and organic, ACG Omega Rich is proprietary blend of fish meal, soy protein, fish oil, vitamins and more, providing nutrition to fishes at different growth stages.


Enjoyment in Cooking

Be it whole fish or after processed, our fish are well-known for the smooth flesh texture and natural freshness. Specially designed vacuum packing is used to preserve freshness, even when it is frozen.