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Patented Aquacultural Feed – ACG Omega Rich™️

ACG Omega Rich is a patented product of DTS and its partners, developed for seafood breeding also known as “environmental-friendly growth feed”. From try-feeds to growth-feeds and high-nutrient feeds, the product is developed to meet the growing needs of farmed fish throughout their life stages, with attributes such as:

  • Nutrients to strengthen fish immune system for healthier growth and higher survival rate.
  • High quality nutrient formulation for rapid growth.
  • High quality nutrient for improved flesh texture.

ACG Omega Rich – Compliance with Excellent Quality of Nutritional Sciences

After in-depth research, ACG Omega Rich was introduced to the market in 2009, formulated with a proprietary blend of fish meat, soy protein, fish oil, vitamins and other minerals. The research targeted two important growth stages to produce this fish feed and hence, we have two formula to specifically meet the two different growth stages.

ACG Omega Rich combines the aspects of nutrition, immunity, environment, science, quality and economy to provide aquaculture farmers total control over the growth and development of their fish, and at the same time achieve stable production cost and improving farm production efficiency.

ACG Omega Rich is rich in high quality nutrient. Sea fishes that are fed on it have thicker layer of collagen in between its flesh and skin. Collagen is highly desirable in the beauty industry.

Features of ACG Omega Rich Fish Feed

  • Produced with high quality-ingredients, without adding “trash fish” to avoid cross-contamination diseases from dead fish to live fish.
  • Free from antibiotics, hormones and other damaging detrimental synthetic residues.
  • High nutritional content.
  • Compliance with stringent international food safety standards.
  • Specially formulated for cultured fish species.