Integrating the results of its in-depth research with modern technology has paved the way for Dragon Taste Seafood Wholesale & Retail (DTS) to develop a complete marine aquacultured product of healthy and high nutritional value under the SeaNutri brand.

Fully Monitored Marine Aquaculture Chain

Strict quality assurance is implemented at all stages of production to meet compliance standards set by the Dept of Fisheries Malaysia, [DOF], for quality control starting with brood stock, farming practices, farm environment, feed usage and transportation management of live and processed produce.

Safe and healthy indoor hatchery

SeaNutri utilises indoor brood-stock farming technology, including strict monitoring of changes in water quality, ambient temperature and overall environment, all of which ensure safe and healthy growth of the farmed produce.

Producing patented feed enhanced with Omega supplement

DTS belives that only healthy fish feed can breed healthy seafood for the benefit of consumers. A patented fish feed called ACG Omega Rich was finally developed after years of dedicated research, which led to DTS completely abandoning the conventional and traditional approach of using “trash fish” as feed material.

Professional handing to meet diversified market demand

Regardless of the different demands of fish types from the market, be it whole fish or cut fillets. DTS executes prders from processing to delivery according to customers/ requirements. Customers can request for whole fish, cut fillets or according to nutritional value. The result is time and energy saving to the customer.

Natural fresh texture and taste

DTS fishes are natural in colour, firm in texture and fresh in taste without the unpleasant and offensive “fishy” odour. DTS brings you the best results regardless how you cook them.