Fish Knowledge

High quality fish must be cultured in clean water in a controlled environment. Growing fish should provided with high value nutrients. Fish freshness and natural texture must be preserved wholly. Hence DTS is very strict with its quality assurance at every stage of the entire farming process.

Natural environment, sea farmed

DTS uses the floating cage technology. The immersed sea cages are ideal as they provide a continuous fresh flow of water and food for fish in protected coastal waters. In accordance with prevailing water temperature and other biological conditions and insuch an environment, fish health is carefully monitored. This avoids damaging the environment caused by development, and allows the fishes to grow in a natural sea water environment.

DTS also uses premium knotless netting imported from Japan, and these nets are manufactured using high technology. The use of knotless nets creates a safe growing environment, preventing injuries to fish which results in superior farm-to-table product.

Rich in nutrient, special feed

Special formulated, ACG Omega Rich contains Omega 3, 6 and 9, which are important for the growth of sea fishes. It is nutrient-balanced, high in protein, amino acids and other essential nutrients. Sea fishes fed on specially formulated fish feed not only taste good, they are also nutrient concentrated.

Super fresh, speedy processing

DTS fishes are processed directly after harvest to maintain their freshness and nutrition value, unlike the common commercial fishing boats which leave harvested fish on the boats for several days before processing.

The processing cold room is “see-through” for strict monitoring. Every employee must meet the food processing hygiene standards, donning sanitised caps and gloves, maintaining highest levels of hygiene