Asia Barramundi

Types of seafood and fish from Seanutri

Asia Barramundi is commonly found in Asia. Flesh texture becomes firmer as it grows. Rich with collagen. Due to marine farming, fish flesh texture is firmer and less friable compared to pond farming.

External Appearance

  • Sharp and big mouth. Jawline extended longer than the eyes. With serrated dorsal fins, has an individual soft spiny dorsal fins and special rounded tail fin.
  • Matured Barramundi is dark silver colour, light greenish brown or bluish gray. Young fishes are brown (sometimes grayish brown). With white spots or change to dark colour or even disappear and spotless fins. Gold brown eye circles, with red eyes.

Biology and Ecology

  • Catadromous, live in sea water, and migrate fresh water when young and returns to the ocean for spawning.
  • Smaller fish are found in rivers while bigger fish are found in the ocean.
  • Bottom feeder, live at the bottom of the water.
  • Found at about 10-40 metres underwater.


  • Maximum length: 2 metres
  • Maximum weight: 55kg
  • Table size: Whole fish = 0.8kg-1.5kg
  • Fillet: 0.8kg-1.5kg

Texture and Taste

  • Firm and light white flesh, natural fish fresh taste.
  • Taste great when steamed. Living and bred in an unpolluted environment imporoves its nutritional value.

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