Golden Snapper

Types of seafood and fish from Seanutri

Golden Snapper is white fleshed and taste good. Suitable of almost all types of cooking. Tick and firm flesh, fresh and tasty. Hight in protein, low in fat.

External Appearance

  • Normally white of pink with silvery surface. Head, back or upper part is brown in colour, with brownish spots.
  • Upper part is brownish grey and pink.
  • Yellow pectoral, pelvic, and anal fins.
  • There is one type with yellow lateral line on the body.

Biology and Ecology

  • Live in ocean (brackish water), reefs, inshore (seaweed and mangrove area).
  • Live in 3-80 metres depth (normally between 20-50 metres).


  • Maximum length: 50cm
  • Normal length: 30cm
  • Minimim length: 25cm
  • Table size: Whole fish = 0.5-1.2kg

Texture and Taste

  • White and form flesh.
  • Tender, less bony and juicy.

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