Mangrove Jack

Types of seafood and fish from Seanutri

Mangrove Jack swim very fast and difficult to catch. Very high quality aquacultured fish. No foul smell despite frozen.

External Appearance

  • As strong as a Gurnard fish with sharp teeth.
  • Young Mangrove Jack is commonly reddish brown or copper colour. (Those living in reefs are more whitish )
  • Pearl-shaped imprints found on both side of the scales.

Biology and Ecology

  • Ocean (Brackish water), corals and reefs, man grove, near and far coast. Migratory fish.
  • Can also live in freshwater.
  • Live in 1-12 metres depth.


  • Maximum length: 150cm
  • Normal length: 80cm
  • Maximum weight: 8.7kg
  • Table size: Whole fish = 0.8-3.0kg
  • Fillet: 0.5-1.0kg

Texture and Taste

  • Greyish flesh, translucent pink.
  • Milky white, medium or big flakes, form and tender like chicken meat texture.

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