Sea Grouper

Types of seafood and fish from Seanutri

Sea Grouper (Class: Actinopterygii), thick body, big mouth, Unsuited to swim long distance at fast pace. Its body can grow to over 1 metre length and weigh more than 100kg

External Appearance

  • Long body, big mouth
  • Light graywish brown dorsal.
  • Brownish orange  or brownish yellow spots on the head and body.

Biology and Ecology

  • Related to reefs, amphidromous, live in  brackish water, ocean depth 0-150 metres.


  • Maximum length: 243cm
  • Maximum weight: 150kg
  • Table size: Whole fish = 0.8kg – 1.5kg, 3.0kg – 6.0kg
  • Fillet: 0.8kg – 1.5kg

Texture and Taste

  • Huge white flaky flesh, non-musculoskeletal. Springs skin, strong taste, requires smell removal during processing.
  • Additional tough white lean flesh, moist huge flakes, sweet and mild taste.

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