Silver Pompano

Types of seafood and fish from Seanutri

Many may think that its flesh texture is tough. However, due to improved farming environment and fish feed, its flesh is now even tastier and commonly served in wedding banquets

External Appearance

  • Flattend body, small mouth, long, elongated dorsal, and anal fins.
  • Silver in colour, greyish white at the bottom. Move fast, thin, silver body with golden stomach.
  • Dark orange anal fins, brown colour at the front of fin.

Biology and Ecology

  • Inhabits in coral reefs, near shore and tropical waters.
  • Live in ocean, brackish water and reefs.
  • Live in 1-7 metres depth.


  • Maximum length: 110cm
  • Normal length: 40cm
  • Maximum weight: 3.4kg
  • Normal weight: 0.6-1.6kg
  • Table size: Whole fish = 0.5-2.0kg

Texture and Taste

  • Firm flesh texture with flesh fish taste.
  • Easy to cook and suitable  for any kinds of cooking.

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