Red Snapper

Types of seafood and fish from Seanutri

Red Snapper starts breeding at the age of 2, growing up to 40 inches long, 50 lbs weight and with life expectancy of up to 50 years.

External Appearance

  • Overall dark rose red colour.
  • Dark spots become less obvious as it grows.
  • Wide mouth.

Biology and Ecology

  • Live in ocean (brackish water), coral area. Adult fish live along the coast and away from the reefs. Small fish can be found and swallow coastal zone.
  • Live in 12-100 metres depth.


  • Maximum length: 100cm
  • Normal length: 50cm
  • Minimum length: 40cm
  • Maximum weight: 7.9kg
  • Normal weight: 0.6-2.0kg
  • Table size: : Whole fish = 0.8-3.0kg
  • Fillet: 0.5-1.2kg

Texture and Taste

  • Flesh is juicy, lean and tender.
  • Lean, juicy and fresh.

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